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Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning international speaker, author, educator, and expert “man builder.” He’s authored or co-authored nine books, including: Are You the Man: 201 Lessons I Wish My Dad Would Have Taught Me; The Real Man Spiritual Leader Blueprint; and Gifts & Handkerchiefs: A Lesson in Servant Leadership. Joe has spoken for more than 750 businesses, organizations, churches, colleges & universities, and K-12 schools/districts, and he was voted “National Speaker of the Year” by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities. He’s also the host of the “Real Men Connect Podcast,” the top-rated podcast on iTunes for Christian Men. To find out more about his remarkable story of redemption from abject poverty, abandonment, abuse, and addiction, and to invite him to speak for your church, conference, and/or men’s ministry group:  either complete the information below or call (850) 212-0227 to check for availability.

Speaking Availability Form

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Dr. Joe Martin – Men’s Conference Topics/Programs


CLICK HERE to Download Dr. Joe’s One-Page Bio and Program Descriptions!Dr. Joe's Speaking One-Pager

Keynote or Seminar Session: Going from Good Man to Godly Man

Focus: Joe’s Testimony (Men Restoration and Healing)

The only thing worse than failing as a man, is succeeding as a “good man” and never becoming a godly man. In this heartfelt, transparent, authentic, raw address, Dr. Joe Martin unashamedly shares his journey from abject poverty, abuse, and abandonment to achievement and success – which eventually led him to adultery and addiction that ended his 16-year marriage; but Joe also shares the strategy a “Paul” used to personally disciple him that helped him become a godly man after he almost destroyed his life.

Seminar Session: Being Your Brother’s Keeper

Focus: Men’s Discipleship/Mentoring

In Matt 28:10, Jesus says, “Go make disciples of all nations…” We know this as the “great commission,” but what do you do if you’re shy, “socially-challenged,” introverted, and you don’t know where to start or how to make a disciple? In this session, Dr. Joe Martin teaches men four (4) simple, but proven steps any Christian man can take to start the process of mentoring and discipling men. Every man will walk away saying, “Even I can do this.” Yes, even “that” guy.

fire+ice2017-64Seminar Session: The Spiritual Leader Blueprint

Focus: Spiritual Leadership

Every born-again Christian man has a desire to be the priest, prophet, protector, and provider for his household, but unfortunately, most men were never shown how to be either. If only there was a blueprint or instructional manual a man could follow. Where now there is, because in this session, Dr. Joe Martin will teach men 21 practical ways to spiritually lead and love their family…God’s way. Joe covers as many of the tips as the time permits, but he gives a way a free copy of his book to every man who attends.

Seminar: The T-R-A-I-T-S of Real Men

Focus: Men’s Character 

Think you’re a real man? You might want to think again after Dr. Joe Martin outlines the six (6) character traits of a “Real Man.” As he reveals each trait, he will challenge you on your thoughts, feelings, and actions about what a “real man” looks like, in God’s eyes. Get ready, because you will never look at manhood the same way again, and each man will walk away equipped to be better than he was when he arrived.

What others are saying…


imgresConnecting with men today is vital to their relationship with Christ, impact on their families, and influence on their community. Dr. Joe Martin brings a valuable message to men to become a person of faith and to teach, lead, and live by example. He definitely blessed our ministry!  Restoring and growing men is key! His message is a practical way to connect the men in your church and in the community to strong leadership imparting on them their eternal value in Christ. – Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr. Senior Associate Pastor, Abba’s House (Hixson, TN)

11407137_10153860562166664_6994540104922446542_nIf you are looking to inspire, energize, and challenge the men of your church or other organization, I strongly recommended inviting Joe Martin to address them. Joe is a high-energy, engaging speaker, who uses Biblical principles to instruct and challenge men to be who God wants us to be. Joe has a heart for discipling men and that shines through when he speaks.  – Greg Boring, Men’s Ministry Leader, Christ United Methodist Church (Ooltewah, TN)

1917518_115113275192118_7590257_nDr. Martin’s podcast is truly life changing. At a time when the world most needs positive and developmental teaching, Real Men Connect delivers exceptional guests and perspective that stimulate positive thought and mindset. I thank God for Dr. Martin’s heart and vision. – Pastor Roderick Ware, New Monumental Baptist Church (Chattanooga, TN)

220px-Stephen_Mansfield_Press_PhotoJoe’s service and work with men through Real Men Connect is truly a blessing. Many lives will be touched through the vision God has given him.Stephen Mansfield, N.Y. Times Best-Selling Author



HALL-DavidYour men’s group will be blessed to hear Dr.Joe Martin share with them from his heart.  He shares personal stories that help men identify with him and engage with his testimony. His energy and passion for discipling men is contagious.  Men who heard him lead a breakout session at our Iron Sharpens Iron Conference came a few weeks later to hear him speak at our men’s breakfast, and that speaks highly of their instant connection with him! – Pastor David Hall, Christ United Methodist Church (Ooltewah, TN)

facebook_pic_400x400Dr. Martin’s personal story is captivating, and he is evidence of God’s amazing grace and ability to renew a person’s life from brokenness to exceptional blessedness.  I would endorse and recommend him as a guest speaker for any men’s group.  He communicates with authenticity that empowers his message to fully connect with audiences, and his message is on target for today’s culture.  He will inspire and challenge your men to trust God as they complete their lives as spiritual leaders. – Terry Harris, Senior Pastor, The Crossing Church (Chattanooga, TN)

10464266_10153868688186047_3508155941482551902_nI think what Dr. Joe is doing with Real Men Connect is amazing and a great help to the kingdom!David Alan Campbell, Writer for Sermons.com



Get These 2 FREE Resources NOW!

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Real Men were born to lead! So get these two FREE resources to get you started. Are you married?  Then The Spiritual Leader Blueprint gives you 21 practical ways to love and lead your family.  Did your dad miss the mark?  Then our Are You the Man? ebook will teach you 201 Lessons our dads probably should've taught us. Both resources will equip you in becoming the man God called and created you to be.

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