RMC #104: Lifestyle of the Fit and Healthy

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img_9260-as-smart-object-111-e1387996264358Jonathan Conneely (a.k.a Coach JC). Coach JC has been empowering people to WIN for over 13 years by coaching them to overcome obstacles, breakthrough limitations, and create what he calls “The Winning Mindset.”

JC has been privileged to train some of the top athletes and corporate leaders in the country through private coaching, consulting and motivational speaking.

JC is also the author of The Secret to Real Success, The Secret to Real Weight-loss Success and The Secret to Real Athlete Success.

JC started his career as the youngest Division 1 strength and conditioning coach in the nation and later created Dynamic Sports Development, one of the top training facilities in the country for athletes ranging from age 9 to the pros. You can connect to Coach JC and find out more about his books, programs, and non-profit organization, Fit First Responders, via his website at http://www.coachjc.com 



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