RMC #89: Making Fitness Make Sense for Men


Cody Bobay is the author of the SOULCON Challenge and the founder of SOULCON. SOULCON is a men’s ministry with a global focus to inspire men to live a special forces lifestyle for Jesus Christ. SOULCON is committed to inspiring men to increase their fitness levels and embrace a special forces lifestyle…

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RMC #75: Man, Courage, and Counseling


Trey Tucker is a professional counselor who has over 14 years experience working with men and adolescents to help them fully become who God created them to be. Trey holds an M.A. in Professional Counseling, from Liberty University an M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga and a B.S. degree…

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Real Men University


RMU is a campus (Facebook) community where purpose-driven, God-loving men learn how to succeed and win as husbands, fathers, and leaders: http://www.RealMenUniversity.com    This group can help you become the REAL MAN God called and created you to be without fear, guilt, or shame (Romans 5:15, Hebrews 12:1-3). RMU Admission…

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RMC #60: Real Men Check-In – What Are You Worrying About?


The Real Men Check In is a quick way to help you start your week off on the right foot, in the right way – as a husband, father, and leader. Every Monday, Dr. Joe Martin shares personal insights, encouragement, and support that will move you beyond “church” to “real change.”  To make…

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RMC #57: Being Honest with God and Others

Cory Pic

Cory Dobbelaere is an author, speaker, and advocate for mental health and faith. He serves as a committee member of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office on Mental Health and Criminal Justice as well as subcommittees focused on youth and early childhood education. Cory also sits on the Advisory Board for…

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RMC #51: From Fitness to Faith to Focus


Billy Blanks is the patriarch and the legendary leader behind the highly-successful exercise program called Tae Bo. To say that Billy Blanks is a fitness guru would be an understatement. This World Champion martial artist, actor, and successful businessman has revolutionized the fitness industry. Before P-90X, before Insanity, before Turbo Kick,…

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RMC #43: Finding Hope after Alcohol, Abuse and Addiction


Kit Cummings is an author, teacher, and peace activist. He spreads his energy-filled message of power, potential and positive change to schools, prisons, churches, and corporations through life-changing keynotes, workshops, and seminars. Kit is the founder and president of Power of Peace Project, Inc. and has spoken to tens of…

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RMC #41: Dr. James L. Marcum – Biblical Prescriptions for Life


Dr. James Marcum is an in-demand speaker and the director of Heartwise Ministries, and the author of Medicines That Kill. Heartwise Ministries is made up of a team of doctors, specialists and professionals who desire to seek the fulfillment of the mission of ministry through healthcare. Dr. Marcum, himself, is a board-certified…

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