A-R-M Question: Becoming a Man


Be a man! Man up! Act like a man!  If you’re a male, then you’ve either heard these words, spoken them, or been challenged by someone with them.  As a male, I don’t think there’s anything more emasculating than having a woman challenge your “manhood.”  But if we can get beyond…

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A-R-M Question: Boy or Man?


When does a “boy” officially become a “man”? Is it when he’s old enough to drive, vote, drink, have sex, shave, get a job, move out the house, rent a car, etc? This is a question that society (especially mainstream media) has used to misrepresent Biblical manhood to boys. The…

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A-R-M Question: Sex Before Marriage?

If you’re a Christian, you already know that God reserves sex for a husband and a wife. However, we live in a society where “waiting while dating” is as “out of date” and “old fashion” as Sega Genesis and rotary dial phones.  So the question good men want to know…

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Books Every Real Man Should Read


Real Men are leaders, because Real Men are readers.  And Real Men read more than just the sports pages, they read the Bible.  But Real Men don’t stop at only reading the Word of God, but they also read the books of  great men who God has raised up.  …

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A-R-M Question: Bearing Burdens


What can I do to ease someone else’s burdens? Real Men Connect Reply: The Bible tells us in Galatians 6:2 that we are to, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” But where do you start if someone close to you has been diagnosed with Cancer,…

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A-R-M Question: Rebuilding Trust


How do I start to rebuild trust with my mate? Real Men Connect Reply: I believe “re-building” trust comes down to three (3) things: Confession, Repentance, and Restoration.   1.)  Confession – in order to rebuild trust, you have to first admit that you broke it.  That means you should…

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