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Real Men Connect (RMC) is a 501-c3.  OUR MISSION: To help good men become great men, God’s way – by connecting them to successful husbands, great fathers, and strong spiritual leaders.  RMC will faithfully and obediently pursue this vision by intentionally breaking down church denominational, cultural, and racial barriers – by mentoring, supporting, and multiplying the efforts of like-minded men from all over the world and connecting them to other godly men and men’s ministries, as well as connecting them to available online and offline resources that will help sharpen, strengthen, and support their development as spiritual leaders in their home, church, workplace, and community. OUR GOAL: to successfully train, equip, and disciple 300 men who will change the world for Christ by mentoring, supporting, and discipling the next generation of men (Matt. 28:19-20). OUR MANTRA: “We are males by birth, but we are men by choice.” 

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